Final Symphony: The London Symphony Orchestra Takes on Final Fantasy VI, VII, and X

I always love a good rearrangement of my favorite game music. I also love being a pretentious ass, so when the world's most famous symphony orchestra takes on Final Fantasy, the combination can only mean greatness.

The London Symphony Orchestra has put out a tribute to Final Fantasy VI, VII, and X, called Final Symphony. Unlike previous arrangements and orchestrated versions of Final Fantasy music, such as Distant Worlds, these aren't just new versions of the songs, but lengthy, fleshed-out tellings of a story through music.

Naturally, you'll recognize melodies and bars and [insert music terms], but the grander piece is really something to behold. Give it a listen below. (Skip under the video to see the time stamps of the different movements.)

Full track list with times: 0:00 – Fantasy Overture (Circle within a Circle within a Circle)

4:08 – Final Fantasy VI (Symphonic Poem: Born with the Gift of Magic)

22:16 – Final Fantasy X (Piano Concerto): I. Zanarkand

30:34 – Final Fantasy X (Piano Concerto): II. Inori

37:10 – Final Fantasy X (Piano Concerto): III. Kessen

41:31 – Encore: Final Fantasy X (Suteki da ne)

45:14 – Final Fantasy VII (Symphony in Three Movements): I. Nibelheim Incident

58:56 – Final Fantasy VII (Symphony in Three Movements): II. Words Drowned by Fireworks

1:12:33 – Final Fantasy VII (Symphony in Three Movements): III. The Planet's Crisis

1:26:35 – Encore: Final Fantasy VII (Continue?)

1:31:15 – Encore: Final Fantasy Series (Fight, Fight, Fight!)

I just listened to the whole thing and I definitely love it. I hope the London Symphony Orchestra decides to do Final Fantasy IV, VIII, and IX next. Then a PSP celebrationg of Crisis Core and Type-0. Wow, I am really demanding a lot here. I should be happy with what I've got, because what I've got with this album is pretty damn good.

You can check out more on the London Symphony Orchestra's website.