What Are You Playing? March 7, 2015

Okay so Dragon Quest Heroes is fucking ridiculously good. I don't usually like Warriors (Musou) games, but dayum, son, this game is good. And yes, it's a Musou game. Square Enix likes to call it an "action RPG," which isn't entirely untrue, but its purely a marketing move. They just don't want you to be turned off by the notion of playing more Dynasty Warriors, which don't tend to be reviewed well.

Killing monsters does make characters stronger through leveling, and genre vets will recognize staples like item shops, equipment upgrades, and all the usual stuff that comes up when we try to draw genre lines. It’s there. It’s not wrong to call it an action RPG — certainly not. But the game flow and combat style are decidedly Dynasty Warriors. It just is. It's great, though. I play it while listening to this.

I play this game and I spend most of my time just screaming at the TV about how good it is. I just sit there and yell. I shout shit like, "Uuaaaaaaaah" and "Fuuuuuuuuucking yeeeeeeesssss" and the neighbors probably think I'm getting it on, or at least they would, if that idea weren't so ludicrous.

What are you playing?