Endless Legend “Guardians of Auriga” DLC Will Add Colossus Units and Legendary Deeds

Amplitude Studios and Iceberg Interactive have revealed at GDC 2015 details for its newest DLC, Guardians of Auriga, which is scheduled to release on April 16, 2015. This is in addition to the third free content pack, Eye on the Stars, announced earlier which is set to release later in March.


The major inclusion revolves around five Colossus units, each of which are based on an element (fire, water, air, earth, and dust) and are essentially one-man wrecking crews. A player can build one of each of these powerful late-game units, though the resources and time required to produce one will likely limit players to creating one and only one Colossus. Each Colossus unit requires their own research in science in the technology tree, though it is possible to unlock the Colossus unit for production by completing a separate quest.

Also, other players are alerted whenever a colossus unit is created, perhaps leading them into an alliance against this sudden surge in military power. That said, players can defensively intimidate other players with the colossus in case they are going for a non-military victory type.

Additionally, every era will now have legendary deeds, objectives that players can complete for a permanent bonus that lasts for several eras. These legendary deeds activate due to reaching various goals, like being the first to conquer a specific number of regions or completing a certain number of buildings. Certain legendary deeds will also lead to five Marvels, buildings that can only be built by one person similar to Wonders in Civilization.

Alongside these Marvels will be fifteen National Buildings, of which only one of each can be created per faction, that give a particular city a specialization. A new minor faction known as the Dorgeshi will also be available but not much has been revealed yet about this.

Taken altogether, Guardians of Auriga will allow players to tailor their strategies toward their victory of choice and lend more variety to the cyclical nature of the game. Pricing details have not yet been announced.