Playtonic Games Reveals Kickstarter Plans for Project Ukulele

Playtonic Games, the dream team of six (so far) veteran Rare developers, has unleashed details on the upcoming Kickstarter for Project Ukulele (name-pending), the proclaimed spiritual successor of Banjo-Kazooie and the whole series of games that Rare was known for during the Nintendo 64 days of yore.

Our head newsman Alex Osborn detailed the new teaser image for one of the game's characters. that the developers unveiled during the 36-minute presentation (embedded above) at the EGX Rezzed event in London.​

As a surprise, Playtonic Games unveiled its plan to crowdfund Project Ukulele via Kickstarter arriving May 2015, and be assured that they will certainly get plenty of nostalgic gamers to plop down a few honeycombs in their pockets. If you want to let them know what kind of backer rewards you wish to see for the Kickstarter, head to their upcoming forums, Twitter page, and Facebook.

During the presentation, the developers emphasized that they want to "take advantage of big technology leaps" since the Nintendo 64 era, but also want to respect the best of console gaming during that period. Do not expect free-to-play or microtransactions, "whale hunting," or any in-game ads.

Gavin Price and Chris Sutherland also intimated that them being laid off in the summer last year was what actually needed to happen for Project Ukulele to happen, for the team to reassemble and follow through with this dream project. So I guess I'm glad that they lost their jobs. Perhaps it should have have happened sooner…