Aquamarine Developer Reveals Kickstarter Value to Indie Games

Aquamarine developer Moebial Studios has spoken of the importance of Kickstarter to indie game developers. Patric Fallon explained how the website had become a huge plus for the indie game community, particularly for those who make video games. The crowdfunding platform has helped developers find enough money to make their ideas a reality, and Fallon was keen to emphasize how valuable Kickstarter is.

“Because my studio is a bunch of newcomers to the game industry (most of us have a background in music, writing, or photography), we need to start from square one in terms of community building and support structures,” Fallon told the Indie Game website. “It remains massively valuable for certain kinds of projects.”

Kickstarter has helped titles such as Shenmue 3, Pillars of Eternity, Mighty No. 9, and many other games to see the light of day. It has become the go-to source for fans of indie video games, and the crowdfunding process has led to an explosion of new titles in the medium.

Away from Kickstarter, Fallon also elaborated on what the Aquamarine project is. The hand-drawn, sci-fi game takes inspiration from French artist Moebius, and has drawn a small crowd of backers who have been left intrigued by its premise and art style. It tells the story of a nameless space traveler who is stranded on a planet that is covered in water. Aquamarine is expected to be released in Spring 2019, and will land on PC and Mac.

Aquamarine is very much a labor of love right now, and one that can’t happen if other people don’t believe in our vision and help us make it a reality,” Fallon admitted. “It’s extremely difficult to break through the noise in the world of indie games, and you have to really put yourself out there in as many different ways as possible.”