Humble Indie Bundle 21 leak reveals upcoming game deals

Humble Indie Bundle 21 leak has revealed the list of upcoming games for a brand-new bundle. This new Humble Bundle has some pretty great indie games including MoonlighterStarboundGato Roboto, and more.

The leak was spotted via ResetEra on the Humble Bundle support site.  While the twenty-first Humble Indie Bundle has still not been officially revealed, it seems that the technical support page listing the system requirements for the individual games has gone live. This support page also mentions the games by name, effectively revealing most (if not all) of the roster.

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So far, there are eight games listed in the Humble Indie Bundle 21 leak. However, the support page still appears to have some placeholder text, suggesting that there may be more games that have not yet been revealed for this bundle; some of the site’s bundle have had “mystery games” in the past which are only revealed after a certain period of time.

Humble Indie Bundle 21 leak Moonlighter

What are the Humble Indie Bundle 21 games?

  • Beat Cop — A retro pixel adventure inspired by ’80s cop shows. After being framed for murder, Detective Jack Kelly is demoted to the titular rank of “beat cop”, donning the blue uniform and trying to clear his name.
  • Dustforce DX — You are a janitor who, quite literally, wants to clean up the world. Use high-flying acrobatics and sweep away some dust bunnies from hell!
  • Gato Roboto — Gato Roboto is a Metroidvania featuring a kitty cat in a kickass battle mech. Need I say more?
  • Hotline Miami — A high-speed, intense top-down shooter set in an alternate verison of 1989 Miami. Also, people wear animal masks for some reason.
  • Hyper Light Drifter — Explore a brilliantly colorful and savage land in this action-adventure RPG as a drifter, a collector of lost knowledge.
  • Hypnospace Outlaw — This ’90s Internet simulator has you search the Interwebs for copyright infringement, internet bullying, and more.
  • Moonlighter — A series of mysterious portals leads to dungeons filled with enemies and treasure. Dive down into the depths, defeat enemies, and then take your loot topside and sell it in your very own store!
  • Starbound — This game is basically a sci-fi Terraria. Your world is attacked by an eldritch creature from space and you can do nothing other than escape. Repair your ship, explore the galaxy, and uncover an ancient mystery while building a colony of your very own!

There still hasn’t been an official announcement about the Humble Indie Bundle 21 leak or when it will be available for purchase. When there is, you’ll be able to get the Humble Indie Bundle 21 at the Humble Bundle website. For now, you might want to check out the Sierra The 3rd Bundle or the asmodee digital Play With Friends Bundle before they’re gone for good!