Concept Art for Canceled Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game Emerges

News of a canceled Kingdom Hearts game for mobile devices recently emerged, and now the GFL Animation Studios website features concept art that further details the abandoned project.

Disney was developing Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys for iOS and Android. The concept art reveals a series of familiar worlds from popular franchises such as Aladdin, Frozen, Star Wars, and Wreck It Ralph.

The concept art on the GFL website also gives specific details about the structure of the game and how it would have incorporated its many Disney worlds.

The concepts for this game was to have several Kingdom Hearts heroes transported to the worlds of our favorite Disney Characters. Traveling through a Grand Central like station our heroes could visit any Disney world of their choosing and join forces with the heroes of those worlds to defeat their enemies. Below is a collection of concept and game play design work. We also created “World Tour” video that introduced the Kingdom Hearts characters to the Disney worlds and culminated in a game play simulation battle on the rooftops of Peter Pan’s London, England. The video formed a large part of a video presentation given to Disney US and Disney Japan executives.

It's unknown what kind of progress Disney made on Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys before its cancelation, but the concept art showcases quite a bit of content.