Nintendogs Mobile Game
Image via Nintendo

Nintendogs Mobile Game For iPhone and Android Revealed via Nintendo Patent

A recent US patent has been filed for what looks to be a Nintendogs mobile game, potentially for iPhone and Android devices. The public patent was filed on January 17, 2023, and depicts how the massively popular pet-raising sim will translate to the mobile landscape.

Descriptions within the patent show augmented reality (AR) technology similar to Pokemon Go, which was used to simulate the pet and other virtual objects inhabiting space around the player in real-time.

Nintendo’s release of such a title could be quite popular, as the original Nintendogs on DS grew to be widely recognized and performed extremely well in sales, having sold 23.96 million copies worldwide.

When is the Nintendogs mobile game coming out?

Currently, there is no release date for Nintendogs on mobile, as the patent only details an early concept and ‘build’ of what a Nintendogs app may look like before the product is actually constructed and released. One of the more obvious considerations could be the potential for microtransactions to be included to make the app and experience more profitable for Nintendo.

With Pokemon Go and Pikmin Bloom receiving considerable investment from Nintendo, it looks like we can expect the company to be engaging the mobile gaming market even more with Nintendogs in the future.

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