SteamWorld Dig Heading to Xbox One

Xbox One owners who love digging in their indie games will be pleased to hear that SteamWorld Dig is heading to Microsoft's console in the near future.

Image & Form CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson confirmed the news to GamesRadar+, though he didn't give a specific release date. The game is expected to come out on Xbox One by this May.

SteamWorld Dig is currently available on numerous platforms, including the PC, PS4, and 3DS. Sigurgeirsson explained how the Xbox One version will be both unique and similar to the other ports.

“There's a quite elaborate Easter Egg for the Xbox version – a gaming thing that we really wanted to reference," he said. "And a number of tweaks to make it overall better, although they may not stand out as giant differences. Overall we prefer to keep our versions similar to each other, it keeps everybody happy.”

Image & Form is also working on the follow-up to SteamWorld Dig, titled SteamWorld Heist. The turn-based strategy sequel is scheduled for a release some time this year.