Dying Light Preparing for April Fools With “Contaminated” Antizin

Techland will be playing what seems to be the opposite of a prank on April Fools by infecting the world of Dying Light with Antizin that "has been exposed to a foreign contaminant."

The unusual but non-toxic batch of Antizin, the Global Relief Effort insists, should be avoided by any survivors still remaining in Harran. And by that, I mean you should take it and "experience odd side-effects for up to 24 hours." By the video embedded above, the drugs will give you superhuman strength with the ability to punch and kick zombies like a speed demon.

Besides, all untainted drops of Antizin will stop as of April 2nd, so if you don't go crazy on these steroids from the sky tomorrow, you might not have another chance. That came on wrong absolutely right.