GTAV’s Graphics Downgrade Has Been Addressed in Today’s v1.10 Update

While video game updates always intend to improve the games they are for, things don't always work as planned. Take for example Grand Theft Auto V's v1.08 update that arrived a week ago. It might have aimed to stabilize the sometimes inconsistent framerate of the game on next generation consoles, but it compromised visual fidelity in the process.

Rockstar never intended to affect the detail of Grand Theft Auto V with the patch, and has ushered a new update to the game which directly addresses the issue. The update is titled v1.10, it's available now, and the patch notes are viewable below:


Miscellaneous Fixes

Fixes graphical issues on PS4 and Xbox One introduced after Title Update 1.08. For details, please see this article.

Corrects an issue where some players’ character appearances would change periodically

Fixes an animation issue where another player aiming on your screen would not play the correct animation

Early details point toward the update being a whopping 4.7GB in size and re-introducing parallax occlusion.

YouTube user TeMkA169 has already published a video of Grand Theft Auto V running on the PS4 post-update. The results are very positive, showing that Rockstar has managed to correct the issue in a timely manner.