What Are You Playing? April 5, 2015

I originally had ambitions to review Omega Quintet, but realizing how badly it sucks put a stop to that. Usually, I can power through anything and get to the end, but no, I just can't do it with this game. Maybe it's like, how your body gets old and can't endure the punishment it used to, years earlier? How a fighter goes 10 years without being knocked out, then suddenly, one night, it happens, and from there on out, it's a regular thing until he has to retire? Like that? Am I too war-torn?

I wonder. After all, I suffered all the way to the end of .hack//Link, Rhapsody, and even Beyond the Beyond. Yet Omega Quintet… is just a mountain I can't climb.

Fortunately, the tunes of Theatrhythm Dragon Quest are here to ease the pain. Unlike the above-mentioned, you will be seeing a full review of it, because I will be able to play it to completion. It actually has some pretty good qualities to balance out its strange quirks. I am finding it predictably not as awesome as Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, but let's be honest, no one can touch Nobuo Uematsu in his 80's/90's form. The man just went into Beast Mode.

What are you playing?