Artist Recreates BioShock in Cry Engine 3

One talented 3D artists took the time to recreate the opening moments of BioShock using a version of CryEngine 3. The results? Well, I'll just let you watch the footage above and see for yourself.

"I recreated the opening scene of the first Bioshock game in CryEngine 3.5.8," Artstation user gametime 414 explained. "Its central part is the Lighthouse, which is rather an entrance to a world under sea. Keeping in style with Rapture, the Lighthouse has intriguing elements of Art Deco.

The original BioShock launched back in 2007 for PC and Xbox 360. It came one year later to PlayStation 3 users. Do you think 2K Games will (or even should) remaster the title for Xbox One and PlayStation 4?