PlayStation Now January 2021 games include BioShock: The Collection and more

The PlayStation Now January 2021 games have been revealed, with BioShock: The CollectionFrontpunkSurviving Mars, and The Crew 2 all being added to the subscription service. The new PS Now games for this month have already been released in the EU, with Sony set to roll out the new additions across PS5 and PS4 in other regions sooner rather than later.

The PS Now January 2021 games will be available to subscribers of the PlayStation service, which allows users to stream and download a wide library of titles both exclusive and multi-platform, including games from previous PlayStation generations. The service is available across both PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Here are the PS Now games included for January 2021:

PS Now January 2021 Games

BioShock: The Collection

ps now january 2021 bioshock the collectionm

BioShock: The Collection is a remastered collection of the BioShock trilogy, with all single-player add-on connect included, Director’s Commentary, and improved 1080p resolutions across the board. Released in 2016, this collection takes players from the underwater world of Rapture all the way to the sky city of BioShock Infinite‘s Colombia.


Frostpunk is from the team behind This War of Mine, with it branded the “first society survival game.” Assuming the role of the ruler of the last city on Earth, your job is to ensure that your citizens make their way through the game’s harsh, neverending winter.

Surviving Mars

surviving mars ps now january 2021

A sci-fi city building game, Surviving Mars has you going all Elon Musk by trying to create a colony on the red planet. You’ll be able to build domes and infrastructure, research new technologies to improve your fledgling civilization, and devise elaborate ways to expand your settlement.

The Crew 2

the crew 2

The Crew 2 lets players take to the land, sea, and air with cars, bikes, boats, and planes all available to commandeer. This 2018 sequel from Ivory Tower provides thrilling action for racing fans.

PlayStation users can subscribe to PS Now either via their PS5 or PS4 store, or via the official PlayStation site. Subscriptions cost $59.99/12 months, $24.99/3 months, or $9.99/1 month. A seven-day free trial is also available to new users.

A new batch of PS Now games is always fun for PlayStation owners, though it’s not all good news for PS5 owners. Recently, there have been multiple reports of issues with the DualSense controller’s buttons sticking, causing concern among owners that there is a fault with the hardware.