How to fix PS5 DualSense controller face buttons sticking

The PS5 controller, the DualSense, might just be Sony’s greatest gamepad yet. It boasts a futuristic look and several hardware upgrades, but early PlayStation 5 adopters are already encountering an issue. Some users have found their PS5 controller face buttons sticking, despite the devices not being very old. Is there a fix for sticky X, Square, Triangle, and Circle buttons on the DualSense, though? Here’s the latest on this next-generation PlayStation controller problem.

How to fix sticky PS5 controller face buttons

PS5 controller face buttons sticking

Although the next-gen PlayStation hasn’t been out for long, reports of PS5 controller defects are already cropping up online. We’ve encountered a sticky DualSense face button while using the controller, as have several more gamers. Seemingly, all face buttons can fall victim to the issue. This could indicate a larger manufacturing problem, as opposed to an isolated error with one specific face button.

To help stop PS5 controller face buttons from sticking, spray compressed air into the small gap between the affected button(s) and the plastic DualSense shell. Debris may be responsible for snagging the button, so this is a safe way to remove potential obstructions.

Additionally, try to avoid pressing the PlayStation 5 controller face buttons too hard. It might sound obvious, but in the middle of an intense boss battle in Demon’s Souls, for example, it’s easy to absentmindedly apply extra force. This could cause damage to the mechanism if excessive. You can purchase a cheap compressed air duster via Amazon.

These sticking PS5 controller button workarounds might just be temporary fixes, in which case, contacting PlayStation Support is the next step. A free PS5 controller repair or replacement should be available if the device is within its warranty period. Owners that dismantle their DualSense and attempt home repairs could void the warranty, so avoid doing so unless experienced.

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