Level-5 Announces Sequels for Fantasy Life, Professor Layton

During their Vision 2015 event taking place currently in Japan, Level-5 announced two new additions to their most popular series, but in a bit of a surprising twist did not mention any console ports. Instead, the newest entries in both the Fantasy Life and Professor Layton franchises will be launched on smartphones.

The sequel to Fantasy Life, Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons and the Village of God features similar artwork to the smash hit launched in Japan in 2012, as well as some familiar returning faces. The upcoming sequel reportedly skews more towards the sim aspect of the game, as players will need to build up their towns and collect villagers during gameplay. RPG elements and monster-fighting will still figure into gameplay, however, and twelve Life classes will still be playable.

The brainy Professor Layton will make his return in the upcoming Layton 7. Not many details were revealed about the game as of yet, though Level-5 did make mention that players will have to help Professor Layton discover vampires through the use of cards, fortune telling, and good ol' gray matter.

Both series have found considerable popularity on Nintendo's 3DS, but neither announcement came with any mention of the platform or a port to it. Both games will be launched for both iOS and Android in Japan this summer.