GameStop Accepting Retro Consoles for Sale and Trade

Starting on April 25, GameStop will be accepting retro consoles for trade in select markets in a new pilot program, beginning with stores in New York City and Birmingham according to a report by IGN.

Numerous retro consoles going all the way back to the original NES can be traded in for credit; to be specific, that includes the SNES, Genesis, PlayStation, N64, and Dreamcast. From there, those items will be inspected by GameStop's Refurbishment Operations Center.


GameStop estimates that it will take about two months before retro consoles will be available for sale through its website or web-in-store system. Purchase of a retro console will come with the same GameStop warranty as a purchase of a regular used or refurbished console.

We'll have to see if the trade-in values for these beloved retro consoles are even worth the trouble of hauling them over to GameStop. You might get a better deal or offer on eBay or retro-specific website.

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