What Are You Playing? April 25, 2015

I might suck at Battlefield 3.

Check that, no, I definitely suck at Battlefield 3. I might suck at Battlefield as a whole. Probably.

As you might now, I tend to be way behind on my shooters. When you don't care about online play, have laughably little spare cash, and need to dedicate several weekly hours to playing games you don't necessarily choose yourself (which in my case happen to be Japanese), this is bound to happen. So yes, I'm still not finished with that game.

In fact, I'm fairly early. What's bothering me is dying because I tried to run around and see if there's an alternate route — maybe sneak up on some fool, you know — and being told to "Return to Combat Area."  The fuck? There are bullets flying all over the place and I can hear soldiers shouting. I am in the combat area, you fucking game.

What are you playing?