Has Sony Trademarked a New Vita Model?

NeoGAF users have spotted an interesting trademark made by Sony Computer Entertainment. Filed on April 1 (the start of the new fiscal year), the Japanese trademark is for a "portable LCD screen game controller device," and it looks pretty much exactly like a Vita, as you can see here:

Some users are looking at the top part of the system and saying certain things look like L2 and R2 triggers, long absent from Vita's control possibilities. Some are also flat out uttering baseless speculation rooted deep within their own wishful thinking, for things like SD cards instead of proprietary memory cards and increased battery life.

Bolded buttons mean it might pertain specifically to the face button layout.

If this does indeed turn out to be the Vita 3000, we'll let you know. Meanwhile, don't get too excited about things that aren't officially announced, eh?

[Source: Twitter via NeoGAF]