Sony Cloud Gaming Job Posting Lists “Putting Games on Any Device”

Sony cloud gaming job posting has appeared online and it hints that the company’s games may be coming to something else besides your PS4. Cloud computing has long been a desired but difficult prospect for gaming companies. For example, the original Xbox One was originally intended to require an always-online connection and it caused some degree of backlash—it seems that gamers weren’t quite ready to solely depend on the Internet for their games. Things seem to be shifting in recent years and a Sony cloud gaming job posting hints that they may have something in the works.

The Sony cloud gaming job posting is listed on Greenhouse, a website specializing in recruiting for companies. It has most of the usual things you would expect to see in a job posting: a requirement for a bachelor’s degree, relevant work experience, and a list of desired skills. Interestingly, the beginning portions of the job posting has a paragraph that may be indicating what Sony is working on:

As a part of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the Cloud Gaming Engineering and Infrastructure (CGEI) team is leading the cloud gaming revolution, putting console-quality video games on any device.

The phrase “on any device” is what’s particularly interesting here. While Sony does already offer the ability to play some PlayStation Now titles on your PC, it’s far from the entirety of the games that have been published on their consoles over the years. This portion of the job description could be an indication that they’re seeking to expand Sony cloud gaming and bring it to platforms beyond their own console.

This isn’t exactly a strong indication that they’re working on something amazing; the job posting could simply be for the PlayStation Now service or some sort of future upgrade that will make PS4 titles work on whatever the company’s next console will be. Personally speaking, there are many PlayStation games I’d love to play on my PC without having to drop hundreds of dollars on additional hardware. Let’s hope that Sony feels the same way.

[via NeoGAF]