Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Shows the Dark Knight’s Friends

The release of Batman: Arkham Knight is just a couple weeks away, and Rocksteady has released a new trailer that emphasizes a potentially exciting new feature.

Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin make appearances in the trailer. They're kicking ass much like the Caped Crusader himself, and apparently it's not just for show. Players will be able to control Batman's companions as well.

The description of the trailer mentions the game's new "Dual Play" mechanic, which lets players "switch seamlessly between The Dark Knight and his allies including Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman in free-flow combat."

The Batman Arkham series is already known for its combo-based melee combat. Imagine the possibilities when players string together combos with multiple characters. I hope the enemies in Arkham Knight are quaking in their boots.

Batman: Arkham Knight comes out on June 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.