Strong Museum of Play Creates “Video Game Hall of Fame” Exhibit

The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY have announced their 15 finalists for their 2015 inductees into what they’ve called the “Video Game Hall Of Fame."

Their selections range from the early days of the industry (Pong) and into the current era of smartphone and tablet gaming (Angry Birds) with a few classic gaming staples.

In alphabetical order, the finalists are:

– Angry Birds

– Doom

– FIFA Soccer

– Legend of Zelda

– Minecraft

– Oregon Trail


– Pokemon

– Pong

– The Sims

– Sonic the Hedgehog

– Space Invaders

– Super Mario Brothers

– Tetris

– World of Warcraft

The victors will be announced and formally inducted at 10:30am on Thursday, June 4th. This isn’t the first time video games have been included in the Strong Museum, however, nor the first time games or game platforms have been praised in their collection. The Game Boy was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2009, along other… let’s say “surprising” items like the cardboard box in 2005, and the stick—yes, those things trees have amputated—in 2008.

Do you agree with their list? Are there any games you feel should be added, or others that should be taken off?