New Mirror’s Edge, Plants vs. Zombies Confirmed by EA

Electronic Arts, before its investors conference call concerning its most recent earnings report, has revealed the above schedule for its console and PC releases this year.

As plainly presented, both a new Mirror's Edge and Plants vs. Zombies are slated for a Q4 release, which runs between January and March in 2016. We already knew about the new Mirror's Edge in the works, but the Plants vs Zombies is a nice revelation, though it's uncertain whether this is based on the shooter spin-off or traditional tower defense gameplay.

A flurry of EA Sports titles will unsurprisingly dominate this summer and fall, including FIFA 16, Madden 16, NHL 16, NBA Live 16, and Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. I'm glad to see a change of celebrity here (though our font makes the capital "i" and the lowercase "l" look the same…).

The highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront is planned to release in Q3 with a current date of November 17, 2015 which would be just in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday if they can keep that date. Alongside this is a new Need for Speed completing the solid showing for the year from Electronic Arts.

It's a bit surprising not to see an annual release for EA Sports UFC, though having a biannual release for the game could be beneficial, nor is there any official announcement from BioWare concerning Mass Effect or Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC.