Nintendo Direct Reveals New Splatoon Details

Nintendo held another Nintendo Direct this morning, and the upcoming Wii U shooter Splatoon was at the center of attention. The stream revealed some exciting new details about the game.

Nintendo plans to support Splatoon well after its release. The broadcast mentioned that the company will introduce free updates with new weapons, gear, and stages. The game will also receive new online modes at a later time.

Enhanced matchmaking will be added to Splatoon as well. The August update allows up to eight players to use the new matchmaking features to join friends. Until then, players can only join friends already on a map on an unspecified team.

Outside of combat, Splatoon features an 8-bit arcade with a series of mini-games. One of those mini-games is a Doodle Jump equivalent, so if players get tired of shooting ink, they can just relax at the arcade. The game also includes amiibo support, which unlocks extra content.

Nintendo released a demo for Splatoon following the Direct broadcast, though it will only be available to access at one-hour intervals tomorrow and Saturday to ensure people play together.

Splatoon comes out for the Wii U on May 29.