Bungie Previews Destiny’s House of Wolves Expansion

Bungie has released an official preview trailer for the upcoming House of Wolves expansion for Destiny, detailing the story missions based in The Reef. You will obtain new orders from Petra Venj, Queen's Wrath, who charges you with the quest of stopping the Wolves as well as Skolas from usurping power from the House of Kings on Earth.

The six-minute video provides a solid recap of the new multiplayer arena called Trials of Osiris and the wave-based co-op mode Prison of Elders. The expansion also adds The Shadow Thief strike that features the Taniks mercenaries, alongside three new Crucible multiplayer maps: Black Shield, Widow's Court, and Thieves' Den.

Better yet, your gear can now be brought up to the new Level 34 level cap and your weapons can dish out a max damage of 365. Any older legendary and exotic equipment can be upgraded and readied for max-level content.

Destiny: House of Wolves releases May 19, the same day as The Witcher 3. I wouldn't have recommended that, but I'm sure CD Projekt Red and Bungie can share the wealth of attention.