Download Rise of Mana for Vita Early, Get Bastard Sword (Bonus: 3 New Screens)

Square Enix is almost ready to bring the former free-to-play mobile exclusive Rise of Mana to the PlayStation Vita. So almost ready, in fact, that you can totally download it from the Japanese PlayStation Store on May 14. When the game actually releases, you'll then be able to access it. Until then, it just kind of sits there not doing anything, perhaps in subtle reference to Square Enix's R&D team.

Register the game before release and be rewarded with a Bastard Sword for their trouble, as if to say, "Oh look how we have bastardized the Mana series."

The image at the top of this page is a new screenshot. Here are two more:


Will this be the first good Mana game in like a decade? We'll see, I guess.