Redux 2 in Development for Dreamcast

Hucast, the independent game developers who brought sidescrolling shooter Dux and its upgrade ReDux to the Dreamcast in recent years, have announced that more bullet hell is on the way.

Details are scarce at the moment, as the game is about a year away from its release window of May 2016, but we know that Redux 2 will include seven stages (up from six), a soundtrack by GRG, and the same kind of fast-action SHMUP gameplay as the original.

Below, we have a small collection of screenshots and concept art:

Redux 2 will be available in standalone, limited, and collector's edition versions, with the latter adding an OST CD, special box, 12-page manual, and something called a "SuperPlay DVD." There will only be 500 copies of the CE produced, and Hucast is planning to put the names of the first 300 pre-order customers on a special page of the booklet.

Not being an official Sega release, the game is region free and will work in Dreamcast systems from all parts of the world. Info on other Hucast games for the Dreamcast enthusiast can be found at

I played the original Dux, Redux, and re-balanced Dux 1.5 and made a video about them last August.