South Park: The Stick of Truth Sells a Whopping 1.6 Million Copies

Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez has revealed through an earnings call that Obsidian Entertainment's South Park: The Stick of Truth has sold over 1.6 million copies. Though released in March 2014, Ubisoft has never revealed sales figures for the game until now.

Given that the game was purchased by Ubisoft for $3.2 million when THQ went through bankruptcy court, and may not have existed in the first place, it's fantastic to see that Obsidian Entertainment was able to garner enough sales to create the equally-brilliant, if not more so, Pillars of Eternity.

I awarded South Park: The Stick of Truth 4.5 stars out of 5 in March last year. Obsidian Entertainment is currently developing Armored Warfare, a tank-based MMO published by