The Nintendo World Championships Return at E3

Nintendo is getting ready for E3, and the company plans to host a digital event and a Treehouse showcase. But it has even bigger plans, including the return of the Nintendo World Championships after a 25-year hiatus.

Nintendo revealed the news this morning in a humorous video starring Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. He brings up the idea, quits his job and participates in an epic training montage. He eventually comes to his senses, but return of the World Championships is a reality.

The Nintendo World Championships was a video game competition that took place all the way back in 1990. It toured multiple cities and featured a score-based competition with three NES games: Rad Racer, Super Mario Bros., and Tetris.

This year's version of the event takes place on June 14 in Los Angeles, with qualifying rounds beginning on May 30 in select Best Buy locations. Fans not in attendance will be able to watch online as Nintendo plans to stream the event.

As for the rest of Nintendo's E3 plans, the digital event will air at 9AM PST on June 16, followed by Treehouse demos from the show floor. In addition, fans will be able to play Mario Maker at Best Buy locations during the week of E3 on June 17 and June 20.