Yakuza 0 (Ryu Ga Gotoku Zero) With Chinese Subtitles Released Now

As a public service announcement to those GR readers who speak Chinese but aren't quite fluent in Japanese, you can now totally pick up Yakuza 0 with Chinese subtitles, for PS3. It was also available for PS4, but now that version is showing me "Sold out" signs all over Play-Asia and Yes Asia, which are kind of my go-to stores. That's a shame, cause you gotta play this on PS4 in my opinion.

I don't know if a restock will happen or if they're available somewhere else (I can't find anything), but you should know that if you're looking to play the best Yakuza game, and do so with Chinese subs, you'll either have to act now and settle for PS3, or watch supplies (and auctions?) like a hawk.

Within the coming days, I'll post a full-length hands-on about my time with this game, as well as a podcast about the whole damn Yakuza series. Stay tuned.