Street Fighter V Gets M. Bison Reveal Trailer

Capcom released a new Street Fighter V trailer earlier today. It reveals the iconic series villain M. Bison and touts some slick gameplay.

M. Bison sports a trench coat and has grey hair in the new series entry. It looks like the character has aged a bit, which may be explained in the game at some point. But this is a fighting game we're talking about, and the trailer shows off plenty of moves.

Like past games in the franchise, M. Bison teleports and uses some form of the Psycho Crusher as his finishing move. The trailer also hints at the character's ability to power up and use other unique moves.

Street Fighter V is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and PC. Capcom plans to introduce a public beta in the future, and fans can pre-order the game to ensure access to the beta when it's announced.