Wii U “Looks Like a Fisher Price iPad”, Nintendo “Not in a Good Way”

With the Wii continuing to fade from the charts, and the 3DS being forced to have its price slashed to remain appealing, it has been a tough year for Nintendo. But the Big N hopes to make a glorious comeback in 2012 with the Wii U, a new, more powerful console that's main gimmick unique feature is a controller with a screen on it. However, Fishlabs CEO Michael Schade doesn't have high hopes for the console, likening the controller to something made by a children's toy company.

Schabe told us his thoughts on the device when we asked him about the PlayStation Vita:

I don’t believe so much in these traditional, gaming focused hardware devices, that now embrace digital downloads. The install base isn’t big enough. It’s a different story with both the Xbox and the PS3 because it’s closer to PC, and with Microsoft they also have a solution to mobile. Nintendo… if you read about what Iwata said about iPhone, how he didn’t take it seriously, and now they come out with a Wii U that looks like a Fisher Price iPad. I mean, they had a great success introducing the Wii, and you should respect that, but right now everything tells me that Nintendo are not in a good way.

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