EA Teases Need for Speed Again: Is It NFS Underground 3?

Electronic Arts has teased the new Need for Speed once more with the above image of a slick, wet green racecar with the word "Speedhunters" emblazoned on the front tire. Perhaps this is just a shout out to EA's own car-driven website which already has plenty of features on the latest liveries.

This image, captioned with "Are you ready for the next chapter?", comes after another teaser image revealed Monday on Facebook which want fans "to see the first look at the return of NFS" tomorrow. An enhanced image of Facebook user Matthew Meyerson shows that this is likely another image of the lime-green racecar.

Whatever the case may be, we will see what Need for Speed has in store tomorrow. The street-oriented shots have fans clamoring for a revival of the Underground series. In fact, eight of the ten top comments on Need for Speed's official Facebook page want nothing more than Underground 3; anything less would be a disappointment.