New MMORPG The Repopulation Comes Out Later This Year

The Repopulation, a new MMORPG from developer Above and Beyond Technologies, aims to mix traditional genre conventions with unique sandbox elements. It's an ambitious project, and one that now has a release window: Q4 2015.

The game is currently available in Steam Early Access, but Above and Beyond Technologies plans to make it feature complete by this summer. Then the studio can focus on minor tweaks and polish as it gears up for the Q4 2015 release.

Unlike many other MMOs, The Repopulation eliminates classes and leveling systems. Instead, players choose from a wide variety of skills to build their respective characters. In addition, the game allows players to choose an alternate third-person shooter combat mode.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature in The Repopulation is its focus on nation building. Players can develop entire metropolises as other players and NPCs visit them.

Folks who are interested in the game can find more information on The Repopulation's official website.