What Are You Playing? And Scottish History May 23, 2015

After years of strictly following a personal rule to never write anything until after a minimum two servings of Scotch, desperately searching for cultures where it's okay for dudes to wear skirts, and studying the award-winning documentary film Braveheart, I finally saw Scotland recently.


Not for a long time. I mean I just saw it. I looked at it and I left. Dat weather. No thanks. I mean:

Ugh, they expect me to drive down that? Drive? In that?

Unable to make myself get out and actually explore the country, I took to the national sport. That is to say, I rediscovered how fucking fun Hot Shots Golf is.

Talk about games that just don't age. Everyone's Golf 6 (or "Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational" as it was called abroad) is just as fun today as it was on Vita launch day. Out of curiosity, I came home and fired up a PSP installment of the same series and found, yeah, that stuff still holds up.

Hooking up Mario Golf 64 on my TV was… okay, a little less impressive, but only because we're really stretching pretty far back in terms of graphical quality with that one. I mean, that was three consoles ago. Nonetheless, the gameplay is still fun.

So that's what I've been playing. Golf on my Vita, golf on my PSP, and golf on my N64. How about you?

What are you playing?