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What is the most overrated game of the decade? | Tell GR

You’ve already voted for your Games of the Decade, so in today’s Tell GR we’re taking a look at some of the games released between 2010–2019 that we believe were overrated.

The Game Revolution team discussed the games we felt were rated too highly in the past decade, but now we want to hear from you. Leave your responses in the comments section below, and we’ll feature our favorite response in the next Tell GR!

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “Judging by my colleagues’ reaction to this choice I already know it’s going to be controversial, but the most overrated game of the decade is Uncharted 4. After The Last of Us, I was excited by what impact that game’s success would have on the (presumed) final chapter in Nathan Drake’s story. The payoff was unsatisfying.

Nathan Drake becomes an unlikeable protagonist in Uncharted 4. Naughty Dog pulls its punches when it comes to presenting any real consequences for his selfish actions, and by its glacial third act, all the loose ends start unsatisfyingly tying themselves back together. Elena and Sully also somehow manage to find the mythical Libertalia in a f***ing plane, a plot hole that completely undermines the ample amount of time you’ve spent trying to find the place.

The set-pieces aren’t as memorable as they were in previous Uncharted games, its push for a saccharinely sweet happy ending is at odds with its setup, and it just feels like Naughty Dog didn’t know how to end the series. It’s not a bad game, but as an Uncharted fan, I found it to a deeply frustrating one.”

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “I’m gonna have to go with Kingdom Hearts 3 as being the most overrated game of the decade. There was a massive hype train for KH3 and when it came out, I personally thought it was just okay. The combat is a bit wonky, the story is still all over the place, and it didn’t even have any Final Fantasy characters in it. I still loved the art direction and it was nostalgic as hell, but it kind of falls apart under close examination.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: “I think Destiny is the most overrated game of the last decade. While its presentation was impressive, the 30 FPS lock for a modern shooter was jarring to me. The story was average and relied on lore that was only available outside of the game. Gameplay with the various classes was fun, but the repetitive mission structure and need to keep on replaying the same levels to steadily increase your rank quickly lost its appeal. Despite this, the game attracted a huge number of players who grinded through the same activities with each weekly refresh.”

Michael Leri, features editor: “While Nier Automata and Red Dead Redemption 2 are saved from ‘winning’ this award because I couldn’t stand to play them for more than a few hours, I did complete Grand Theft Auto 5 and therefore it does ‘win’ this ‘honor.’ Rockstar created a large lively world but playing it was always a chore. Shooting is basic and mediocre and most of the game’s other mechanics are just as frustrating or tedious. The plot, while hilariously written at times, spirals in the last act and wraps up in an incredibly unsatisfying way. Grand Theft Auto 5 was not a bad game (I did complete it twice) but it baffles me how it is so revered as a classic masterpiece when it felt old near release.”

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