His Parents Be Like “We Had No Idea”

Natsuiro High School is about a boy who probably needs professional help. Above, you can kinda see why. Above and below, in fact.

He's on his back in one shot, belly in the other, ready to crawl along that there floor with that there camera and take pictures of what's under them there skirts. I've got no idea why I have switched into redneck mode for this post. Here's a pair of trailers showing the up-skirt photo taking gameplay as well as the other stuff you can do in this game.

Well that just wasn't enough:

In completely unrelated news, I'd like to remind parents that early detection is just as important in social disorders as it is with cancer or other diseases. Whatever level of school your kid is in, it's never too early to just throw out some preliminary advice, questions, and cautions.

I am just saying.