Peter Molyneux’s Studio 22Cans Gets “Reboot”

Peter Molyneux has faced a lot of criticism in the past year or two concerning the Godus project and the results of the Curiosity cube experiment. Now his indie studio 22Cans is undergoing a "reboot" following those recent controversies.

According to GamesIndustry, 22Cans has hired Simon Phillips as the new company CEO. He previously worked as an executive director with 22Cans, but now he makes his way to the top. Peter Molyneux, on the other hand, will focus on his role as creative director.

Phillips discussed the changes at 22Cans and what that means for the studio's future.

Running a business, especially a fast paced business like this, takes a lot of energy and focus. At 22cans we have a mission statement and that is 'To create World Changing ideas' and with Peter now able to fully immerse himself in the Creative Direction of not only Godus but The Trail and all the really smart, cool ideas we have, I believe we can do just that. It's important for us, as a studio, to fully understand what it is we do best and what our role is in delivering our ideas. I want to ensure the lifeblood of the studio is as creative and dynamic as possible.

Hopefully the reboot means 22Cans can make some significant progress on its current projects.