D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Demo Now Available

The upcoming Steam version for D4: Dark Dream Don't Die by SWERY, the creator behind the Twin Peaks-esque Deadly Premonition, is offering a free demo to everyone, which is great for anyone who hasn't played the game on Xbox One with or without Kinect.

The 13-minute demo introduces Season 1 of the game, which has reached over 1.3 million players since its release in September 2014 on Xbox One. 

The demo is available in two places: Playism and the official D4 site. As you might suspect, D4: Dark Dream Don't Die will be available on Steam, Playism, Humble Store, and GOG on June5th for only $14.99.

D4 on Xbox One received a solid 4/5 review from our very own Jessica Vazquez.