What Video Games Are You Playing? May 30, 2015

Okay so Final Fantasy games are the type where you learn something new on each replay, right? And in most of them, my mind is blown by something I didn't know before. Having been through Final Fantasy VII, like, Lord knows how many times, I feel okay checking a Fort Condor FAQ to make sure I'm not passing up any chance to rush back and take part in that easy but cute and fun mini RTS game.

To my amazement, there are battles that you can't even play. Like, through some kind of programming fumble, there are scenarios in there which actually can't be accessed.

While that's a fun factoid to learn, it kind of pisses me off. Hey Square Enix, if you're reading — which you're not, because we can all tell by now you've never read anything — we're in an age where you can patch stuff post-release. I have a digital version of Final Fantasy VII and I gotta get me a patch, STAT.

I ain't even playing until I do.

That is a lie.

What are you playing?