See Why She Says “Eh? Aa! Uuaaaah!” in Fire Emblem If Video

The answer is no one has any fucking idea. Anime voice acting sounds like porn, torture, and at its pinnacle, both. Hit that video above to see what I mean. Yeah. What is the reasoning behind those first four seconds? There isn't one. I defy you to find one.

She is, of course, a maid. She's being shown castle building in the next Fire Emblem. The game is called Fire Emblem If and the feature is called "My Castle."

The protagonist sleeps in a room called — wait for it — My Room. And people laugh at me when I tell them Japanese words and phrases are overall dying out.

Want to see the real fun? Skip to about 6:10 of that video. Oh yeah. We've got sweet touchscreen-based face-rub action! Now that's what Fire Emblem is all about! Right? I mean, right?

This comes out June 25 in Japan.