Limbo Developer Delays Next Project

Inside, the next title from indie developer Playdead has been delayed outside its early 2015 launch window. Apparently, the studio that brought you Limbo still needs a bit more time polishing the atmospheric Xbox One platformer.

"Last year we announced that Inside would be out out in 'early 2015.' It's not," a studio rep told IGN. "After five years in development, we–more than anyone–are looking forward to the release. We are so close, but getting it right has taken a little more time than we anticipated."

With E3 right around the corner, hopefully we'll hear more from the developer about its new game during Microsoft's press conference. Maybe there's still hope it will be out before the year comes to a close. 

What do you think of Limbo? Are you excited for a new title from the studio that crafted such a dark and twisted 2D platforming puzzler? At least this time around with Inside they've added a little color.