Firaxis Details XCOM 2’s PC Exclusivity

One of the more surprising aspects of XCOM 2's announcement this week was the fact that the upcoming sequel will be a PC exclusive. Now developer Firaxis is explaining the decision to forgo consoles this time around.

In an interview with IGN, Creative Director Jake Solomon explained that to focus on new features like procedurally generated maps, the company had to stick to its roots.

“To do that, we had to use all of our studio expertise… and our expertise here is PC" he said. "That's our home, and that's where we're really comfortable.”

PC exclusivity means the studio will focus on elements such as refined keyboard/mouse controls. Firaxis plans to add gamepad support at some point in the future, but it will not be included for the game's launch. In addition, XCOM 2 includes more detailed information for hit percentages because users will be in front of computer monitors.

Firaxis also stresses mod support as a key feature in XCOM 2. There are already some fantastic mods for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but the inclusion of special mod tools will only add to the community support for XCOM 2.

Solomon doesn't rule out the possibility of console versions in the future, but he also said "that's something we're not even discussing yet."