Shenmue E3 2015 Announcement Teased By Producer Yu Suzuki

There's a lot of hype going into this year's E3. In order for it to be as big as many hope, it'll need major announcements that stun gamers. Many suspect that The Last Guardian's revival will be one of its megatons, and now it appears that Shenmue will be along for the ride.

Shenmue and Shenmue 2 Producer Yu Suzuki has posted a strange image on his Twitter account. It's a photo of a forklift at what appears to be the Los Angeles Convention Center, which is where E3 2015 is being held. For the average Joe it's nothing to be excited over, but there's more to it than meets the eye.

First, take a look at the photo:

It's just a forklift, right? Well, keep in mind that this was posted by the man behind the Shenmue series a day before E3 week and then look at this screenshot of Shenmue:

Shenmue's early narrative is centered around Ryo's humble beginnings. Early on in the story the player must take part in menial tasks which include working as a forklift driver at a port. In other words, the photo of the forklift is no coincidence.

This begs the question, will Shenmue 3 or a Shenmue remaster be announced? Or, is it just Suzuki trolling his fans? At this point it's anyone's guess, and thankfully we won't have to wait long as E3 week is ready to begin.