Bethesda Debuts Violent Doom Gameplay With Trailers

Bethesda opened up its press conference by revealing gameplay of one of its most anticipated games, Doom. This is a game that's been known to be in development for several years. Not long ago a small handful of people were able to see it behind closed doors, but everyone else was left with fewer than five seconds of in-game footage. Now, the next-generation of Doom has been revealed for the world to see.

In Doom you will find yourself on Mars combating hordes of demons. The world is similar in that its enemies are violent and frightening, often times treading into Mortal Kombat territory. Weapons have tons of feedback, backed by beautiful special effects, and ranging from the double-barrel shotgun to the chainsaw. As with previous releases, it's also a technical showcase of how good games can look in the current age. But there are new elements, too. Melee combat is much better than in previous games, allowing you to demolish foes if your timing is right. Additionally, there are new weapons and enemies. It's a great blend of the old and the new, which is precisely what many Doom fans such as myself were hoping for.

Later during the presentation Bethesda showed off a second level: Hell. It was much different in design and atmosphere than its Mars counterpart, providing larger areas to battle enemies in, and some particularly evil imagery. You can see both video trailers below:

Bethesda also showed off Doom's multiplayer, which is said to be fast-paced and as brutal as the campaign. Additionally, Doom Snapmap was revealed, an editor that allows both console and PC gamers to create and share their own levels.

Doom has a release window of Spring 2016. It will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.