Minecraft for HoloLens Might Just Be a System Seller

To say that Minecraft is a big game would be an understatement. It is one of the top three best selling video games of all-time, and currently one of the most popular titles in the world.

As a result of Microsoft's acquisition of Mojang, a version of Minecraft tailored specifically for its upcoming augmented reality headset HoloLens is in development. It was shown in a live demonstration during Microsoft's E3 Press Conference.

This HoloLens version of Minecraft allows you to manipulate the world and view it from a unique perspective. Essentially, you can erect one of your Minecraft worlds within the context of our own world. So, no longer do you have to sit in front of a 2D screen while playing. Instead, you can play the game on virtually any flat surface.

Check out the demonstration below: