Sega Targets Later 2015 for Yakuza 5 Release

We first heard of Yakuza 5's localization in December, and now, Sega has a more specific time frame set. Its own official website lists the game as a "Fall 2015" release for North America. Click into the specific Yakuza 5 section of the site to see what I mean. Previously, it had only said "2015."

You have to enter your age to enter the site, but I encourage lying on that. I wonder if someone reads the birth dates on those? Like, does someone keep data? Does said data show an overwhelming number of birthdays on January 1st? I just pick January 1 every time, and then a year that was a long-ass time ago like 1926 or something. I'd pick 1770 or something if they'd let me.

Yakuza 5‘s late 2015 arrival puts it in North America almost approximately three years after its December 2012 Japanese release date. It will be coming as a digital exclusive on the PlayStation Network.

If you don't know what Yakuza is, I encourage you to listen to this podcast and then proceed to start with either Yakuza 3 or Yakuza 4, which are currently available on PSN, but only playable on PS3.