Project CARS 2 Announced

Project CARS came out just last month, but that isn't stopping developer Slightly Mad Studios from announcing the sequel to the popular racing sim.

In a post on the official website, the company details the development of Project CARS 2. It will be crowdfunded just like the original, so players will give feedback through the WMD Portal platform. Also, Slightly Mad Studios plans to add a bunch of new content to the sequel.

Project CARS 2 will include 200+ courses, resulting in an even bigger track roster than the original. Also, the game introduces a co-op career mode, in which players can choose the driver, spotter, driver swap, or co-pilot roles.

Fans can sign up for the Project CARS 2 testing phase starting today on WMD Portal. There's no timetable for the development of the sequel, but I'm sure players will be busy with the first game in the meantime.