Shenmue Creator Wants More Than Just Shunmue 3

Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki has made it known that he'd like to complete his entire 11-chapter story of the video game franchise he started on the Dreamcast. However, that would take more than just a third game, which was recently announced, and funded, on Kickstarter.

"There are a total of 11 chapters that make up the whole story," he said in an AMA on Reddit. "Over the past 14 years I originally planned for there to four or five games to the series. If at all possible, I would still like to realize the full story of 11 chapters."

For those who don't know, the first chapter was told in the first game, the second chapter was told as a manga, and chapters three through five are contained in Shenmue II.

That still leaves six more chapters, and I highly doubt he'd be able to squeeze all that content into a single game. As such, there's a strong possibility of gamers getting at least one more game after Shenmue III.