Brutal Platformer Super Rude Bear Resurrection Heads to Steam Greenlight

At a Tokyo Game Show that seemed a little so-so on its offerings last year, Super Rude Bear Resurrection served as an oasis. It was one of few games I walked away feeling entirely optimistic about.

Though it's taken several months to get any new Rude Bear news (understandable for any game without a huge team and big brand name behind it), the game is now on Steam Greenlight. It's also announced for Xbox One and PS4, though it lacks a publisher at the moment.

Super Rude Bear Ressurection is a 2D platformer in which players can use the dead bodies of their previous selves to their advantage. Is a pile of spikes particularly tricky? Well, you might get past it on the first go with some skill and/or luck. Or, if you suck like I did, your corpse can still provide a little bit of footing to give you a better chance next time.

It felt like a great balance of difficulty and playability. If you use Steam, get on over and see if you think the game deserves your vote of confidence.